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Lovrek Krisztián

Lovrek Krisztián


One of Hungary ‘s lead guitarists, singer, songwriter and composer. He started playing the guitar in 1997 and since has had hundreds of concerts, but only since the spring of 2008 did he start taking music more seriously.

This young musician, who has a more than 1.8 million YouTube viewers, recently became the Official YouTube Artist of the prominent American musical instrument mogul Ernie Ball Music Man, as well as endorser of the international high-end amplifiers manufacturer Diezel.

Thanks to this, his name is now featured alongside that of Joe Satriani and James Hetfield on the company’s website. In 2010, he placed 3rd in the Birta Miki Guitar Competition, followed by ujgitaros.hu’s  The Guitarist of the Year” Competition where he was among the finalists. The same year, he formed the band LOVRECK. (Before launching the band, he was a guitar instructor at GMC, one of the biggest online guitar tutoring sites, where his lessons are still available).

By September, the band was working on its debut material, and finally the year was capped by placing 2nd in the Birta Miki Guitar Competition.

This year, he was among the finalists in the joint competition of the world renowned Guitar Institute of London and Steve Vai (TOP 8 – from more than 1,000 entrees!!!) as well as the finalists of “Laney’s Face” Competition. He came in second place in the finals of the 4-round “Metal Hammer Guitarhero” Competition, followed by the international Guitar Idol III, where he was first among the TOP100, later to be selected by a jury – based on professional criteria – to the TOP30 (out of 1000 entrees).

In October, he won Hangfoglalás’ “Marshall Guitar Competition” making him „the face” of Marshall for 2012, the music industry giant celebrating its 50th birthday this year.

The debut album of his band LOVRECK, was released on the 8th of December 2011, entitled “Lélek-Gyilkos” as a special insert in Metal HammerWorld Magazine. The first official music video produced by Rock TV can be seen on YouTube and on Rock TV.

As a result of the album, video and the numerous guitar competitions, the biggest online news forums as well as printed press have featured double page interviews with him at the end of the year.

Finally, the album was nominated in “the best debut album of the year” category in the Hungarian Metal Awards called “Hang-Súly”!

In June of 2012 he got the international Official Ernie Ball Music Man endorser title – first in Hungary!!!

In August of 2012 he also got the international Elixir Strings endorsement!

In July of 2013 he became a Line6 Relay Wireless endorser in Hungary, thanks to Tibor Medgyesi.

In the spring of 2014 he did an EMG tour with Nagy Ádám (Roy és Ádám Trio). In the summer he did a guitar masterclass at the Guitar Mania Camp (asking by EBMM), and he became a judge of the 2nd Újgitáros.hu Guitar Competition.

In Octobre of 2014 the 2nd LOVRECK album was released, entitled ‘A remény rabszolgája‘. This album contains some great guest musician’s playing, like Lukács Peta, ifj. Tornóczky Ferenc and Király István.

In addition to playing the guitar and singing, he is an avid drummer (he played on drums on the albums). His lyrics are of a very personal nature.

Here you can find a short summary about his past few years with pictures and musics!

Guitar Competition Results:

- 50th Anniversary Marshall Guitar Competition – 1. place, winner
- Hammer GuitarHero – 2. place
- Guitar Idol III – TOP 30

- Laney’s Face Guitar Competition – final
- Steve Vai Scholarship with the Guitar Institute of London – final


- II. Birta Miki Guitar Competition – 2. place
- Újgitaros.hu, “The New Guitarist of the Year” – final

- I. Birta Miki Guitar Competition – 3. place


GuitarsErnie Ball Music Man JP6  and JP7John Petrucci Signature models,

Amps: Diezel VH-4,  Diezel Herbert, Diezel 4×12 cabinet

Effects: TC Electronic G-Major, Dunlop Dimebag Wah, Line6 Relay 50 Wireless

Strings: Elixir 009-042, Elixir 011-049


BandsDream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Symphony X, Hearty Laugh, Alter Bridge, Metallica, Pantera,  Ákos

Guitar players:  John Petrucci, Dave Martone, Kee Marcello, Guthrie Govan,  Joe Satriani, Tony MacAlpine, Steve Lukather, Marty Friedman, Steve Vai, Michael Romeo, Andy Timmons,  Paul Gilbert, Jeff Waters, Dimebag, Vinnie Moore, Marco Sfogli, James Hetfield

Guitar players of HungaryDaczi Zsolt, ifj.Tornóczky Ferenc, Lukács Peta, Kárpáti Zoltán Zalán, Mentes Norbert, Vámos Zsolt, Alapi István, Kukovecz Gábor, Nagyfi László, Sárközi Lajos,  Maróthy Zoltán

Drummers: Mike Portnoy, Tony Royster Jr., Benny Greb, Mike Terrana, Jason Rullo

Lyric writersÁkos, Hudacsek Bertalan (Hearty Laugh), Pataky Attila (EDDA)

Singers: Russel Allen, Kip Winger, James Hetfield